DOJ Settles with McDonalds to Resolve Allegations of Immigrant Discrimination

On November 19, 2015, the Department of Justice’s Office of Special Counsel entered into a Settlement Agreement with McDonald’s after McDonald’s, as part of its Form I-9 process, required Lawful Permanent Residents to show new green cards when the original document expired. Under the agreement, McDonald’s will pay $355,000 in civil penalties, undergo 20 months of monitoring, and train employees on INA anti-discrimination provisions. This Settlement Agreement demonstrates how important it is for businesses of every size to have written Form I-9 Policies and Procedures, including policies which deal with the provisions of the Form I-9 anti-discrimination regulations, and, to train all employees who complete the Form I-9 in order to avoid a DOJ investigation and the fines, monitoring and training which result from such investigations. If your business needs written I-9 policies or training, please contact us for more information.