DOJ Settles Discrimination Claim with Florida Landscaping Company

The Office of Special Counsel with the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) settled with Sunny Grove Landscaping & Nursery Inc., after finding that it discriminated against lawful permanent residents by requiring them to produce permanent resident cards to prove work authorization. As part of its Settlement Agreement with the DOJ, Sunny Grove will pay $7,500 in civil penalties and undergo anti-discrimination training. There has been a marked increase of late of investigations by the DOJ into discrimination in the Form I-9 process. It is critical that businesses make certain that its employees who are completing the Form I-9 have had formal training and understand how to complete the form properly and all of the regulations that relate to the Form I-9 including the anti-discrimination provisions. Our firm would be happy to work with you to provide the appropriate training or to work with you to make certain your company is I-9 compliant.